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Professional Gum Specialist for Advanced Periodontal Treatment

Basic periodontal treatment carried out by a dental hygienist involves cleaning the deposits if plaque and tartar from above and below the gums. The treatment is done by cleaning the affected areas with special scaling instruments. If necessary this can be done with the use of anaesthetics. Gum problems are improved after this type of treatment accompanied by an effective oral hygiene routine at home. However sometimes basic treatment is not always enough to control the situation. This is because the pockets are so much deeper that it is not possible to do a thorough enough clean.

Your hygienist may recommend you see a Periodontist who is a gum specialist and they will carry out more extensive treatment on the pockets by cleaning and removing hardened plaque. They will show you how to clean these pockets on a daily basis with the aim of the pockets tightening again to prevent the problem from exceling any further. Gum disease is often painless and irreversible - however a specialist can help to stop the disease spreading any further and help you avoid losing currently diseased or loose teeth.

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