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All-on-4 Implant Bridge - A Secure Path to Natural, Radiant Smiles

This is for people that have lost all of their top or bottom set of teeth, or that their remaining teeth are in such a poor state that it would be worthwhile taking the remaining teeth out so that we can replace all their teeth with a large implant bridge called an All-on-4.

Missing all your teeth can have a devastating impact on your quality of life. It often makes people appear older than they actually feel. Conventional solutions include adjusting the denture base to the gum tissue with either a dental adhesive or by holding it in place with a seal along the border of the denture. The success of conventional solutions depends largely on the amount of residual bone and soft tissue. The loose attachment of the tooth replacement can also reduce chewing capacity, which can lead to an unbalanced diet and poor digestion - crunch vegetables and fruits, for example; are almost impossible to eat. Bone loss may also progress, and the functionality of diminish. When the palate is covered by an upper denture, a reduction in sense of taste can also be expected. By contrast, prosthetics supported by implants, function and look like natural teeth. Patients say that the bigger advantage of implant-supported dental prosthetics is a restored self-esteem. For them, it is possible to eat, talk and laugh again in an unhibited way. Another benefit is the absence of the unpleasant aspects of convention dental prosthetics, including improper fit and messy adhesives. People with securely fitting tooth replacements feel better, look better and enjoy a higher quality of life.


Implant Bridge (All-On-4)

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