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Inlays and Overlays - Precision Restorative Dental Solutions

Indirect onlays are made outside the mouth in a special dental laboratory by a technician, and then it is cemented into the tooth a few weeks later by your dentist. An onlay relies on a very techincal minimally invasive preparation usually around 1mm - 1.5mm around the circumference of the tooth. An impression is then taken of the tooth and sent to a specialised laboratory where the onlay is fabricated out of strengethened porcelain or gold. This is then carefully stuck onto the tooth surface and ensures the viability of the tooth by strengethening it and protecting it's structure.

Onlays can be made from various materials. The reasons for opting for various materials can be due to factors such as cosmetics and function, your dentist will go through those options with you and let you know what would be best for you and your mouth. Highly skilled dentists competent with composite are able to carry out direct onlays where it can be placed directly in the mouth without requiring it to be made at a laboratory in circumstances where the tooth can support this.


What will the procedure involve?

The first thing to do is to anesthetise the gum so that no discomfort will be felt throughout the treatment. The dentist will then remove any previous filling material if appropriate and decay present in the tooth, finally preparing the cavity for the onlay. Once the tooth has been prepared, an impression of the tooth will be taken, the impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory where your onlay will be made, a shade will be taken to ensure your new onlay blends in perfectly with your existing tooth colour. A temporary restoration will be placed for the period of time the new restoration is being made. Once the onlay is returned from the laboratory it will be cemented into place using a special adhesive, the dentist will the check your bite before you leave to ensure that the onlay is not too high. Well made onlays can help future-proof your teeth as they help guard against fractures.


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